the more things change…

The crapper they get.
Well – that’s what I was thinking last night while watching channel ten’s coverage of the first race of the CART season at fundo park, Monterrey, Mexico.
It’s not all 10’s fault, CART handed the coverage rights over to someone else this year – not ESPN anymore – and I think the new situation is pay tv – so we don’t get their commentary, which, admittedly could be really crap anyway because they didn’t give the job to Paul Page and Parker Johnstone – they guys who were doing it last year.

I just wrote a whingey email to ch. 10. Here, YOU can too –

And my fave driver, Roberto Moreno hasn’t got a gig this year… and some of the other good drivers are gone….
Oh…. WOE IS ME…. It really is true – things just get more and more crapper — it’s physics; pure and simple — the thing is that us humans are so good at adapting to new situations that we just don’t notice. It’s only the truely perceptive who kick up a fuss.

Ah well, it didn’t finish til two – and I had to get yup at 7 this morn to go to a lecture – a bit zombiefied. Maybe i’ll just tape it from here on in and watch it on the wikend.

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