The Look of things

Have been screwing around trying to get a counter script to work here for a while as you might’ve noticed… and no luck, but come up with a better plan — this pivot – scripting system is hard to alter (for me) but the whole thing can become a frame ….
so I’m thinking …. Frames …. Frames everywhere.
I didn’t even have much hell idea what the hell frames did or are til the other day – was havin’ another cruise through me HTML book — and suuure enough – they’re in there – so will be able to get the counter workin and maybo some other goodies too.
Now it’s just a matter of finding enough time in one seesion where my head is clear and motivated enough to do it. Which isn’t as easy as it sounds – what with all this freakkin uni homework…

Ten days til we give Telstra the big Phlipped finger – yay!

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