Ah went on down the road…

So the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds gig was pretty good. I was told it’d be ‘standing room only’ and thought little of this – ’cause at other gigs like that it’s been really squishy. – but there was enough room and the crowd wasn’t the typw that moshes – nor was the music that way.
They did mostly better known songs – there were a few there that I didn’t know, but I suspect they were from the most recent album, of which I’ve heard none.
Me and nick cave I wouldda first heard of him on Three Triple R. I remeber I got ‘The Good Son’ in year 11 or something, and liked it, but lost it somewhere along the way. (Aren’t tapes just like that – How many damn tapes have I lost due to their size??! Heaps.) And It wouldda been ’92 I got the record ‘Kicking against the Pricks’ Mainly drawn by the front cover. He’s gotta be one of the coolest lookin’ guys around. Still is.
Infact in a long unpublished story about a band (that I was writing around that time) I based a character on what I knew of Cave’s look and demanour. I had dubbed tapes of a Birthday Party album for a while – ‘Prayers on Fire’. And The Boys Next Door, ‘Door, Door’ came into my possesion (on record) came to me ’round then too. Had a tape dubbed from friend’s CD of ‘Let Love In’ for a while. Picked up ‘Henry’s Dream’ on 2nd CD, and have the compilation of NC & TBS too, but there’s still some albums I’ve not heard.
Oh, also, have read, and have his book, And the ass saw the angel – a good winter read.

Anyway – was great to actually see him in person – exactly as in pictures – it alsmost still felt like it was a moving picture of tv.
The songs were done very similar to how they’re recorded, except perhaps “red right hand” which was in a different key.
Nick didn’t really say anything between songs, which I kind of expected, but wouldda been nice — I reckon I’d be jabbering on if I had an audience at my disposal.
What can I say? It was really good, but not mind blowing. It didn’t raise the level of my respect for the musicians – or what I think about them – but that level was fairly high to begin with.
It was cool to hear ’em do ‘Papa won’t leave you, Henry’ – that song rocked.

Claire Moore was supporting. It hink she’s dave Grainey’s woman – he was in the band — and I think Claire is the drummer in The Coral Snakes – Grainey’s backing band.

The crowd were almost older than me and Gene – and it seemed – hard to ‘Wow’.

Nick and the Seeds did two encores, but i just don’t get the whole idea of encores. – The band leaves – the crowd is expected to yell and stomp feet like idiots until band comes back.
The Forum – as a venue is pretty cool. I didn’t get squashed, didn’t need to go take a slash halfway through – as is usual with me and such things – like movies– and me feet didn’t get too sore from standing in the one place for so long.
But like i said yesterday – getting back to the car was another matter.

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