ups and downs

Well, the bad news first. On Friday Night when I was at the Nick Cave concert our car was broken into and my laptop, Li’l Lugger was stolen.
Also, the buggers made off with my electric shaver and a pair of old shoes that were in a backpack. These last two things really would’ve been of no use to any one but me.
Yes a bit of a shock for us to find one of the back triangle windows broken. I dunno what I was thinking leaving it there really.
Thankfully there was nothing crutial on it at the time. I wasn’t using it much since getting the Jug together — it has woodnose95 on it, and some cracked versions of Dreamweaver, Flash – that kind of thing (This was for trial purposes only, True!) I couldn’t be bothered spending the time figuring out how to work them.
The card winmodem was in it, and the connector cable for it, and my psychology test cdrom was in the drive — so that’s gonna have to be replaced. But I didn’t take the ext. floppy drive – so now that’s sitting here, looking very useless by itself.

Anyway, shocked I was, damn shocked — and bloody disappointed at the fact that here was a case of someone (the robber) not respecting another person (me). And then I was disappointed at me for being dumb enough to havee left it there to begin with.
But these feelings lasted for a surprisingly short time. I often think to myself that material things just are material things – and they are fun toys to play with – and I am grateful to have the ones that I do have — but they are little in overall importance in my life.
And here was a situation where i was challenged with if i really believed this – and yes – I do.

Who ever took it would’ve done so to get money for drugs. So – that’s seems like a pretty miserable way to be living. The next night I was still minus a laptop, but i was hangin out at a 13 year old’s birthday party and havin fun and being fed.
I’m grateful to be in my shoes.
The rest – the concert, etc – tomorrow night.

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