Well I made it

To the end of my first week at uni that is. Only musddle up being getting the wrong room number for one lecture (and being 20 mins late).
Psychology seems pretty good. The tests are really well written – very clear and nice to look at. They know what user-friendliness is all about – then again – I s’pose it was some strain of psychology that invented user-friendliness. Alot of the resuorces are electronic too, makes it easier when it’s all broken into diff. mediums I reckon. sadly – it’s all MS based.
And During the last partition reshuffle here on JuggernautI lost woodnose95 – and it seems that it’s impossible to get it back on without reformatting the whole 40 gigs,
which is a no-go. So it seems I’ll be doing all of my e-learning on the Li’l Lugger. Luck I still have it.

Communications looks like it’ll be interesting, a bit more academic than psychol. but inneresting none the less.
Thos two subjects are 1st year – so the lecturererers have been kinda gentle on us, but the other two – Social Theory and ‘The End Of The World As We Know It’ (or, as I’m refering to it TEOTWAWKI) are 2nd year, so it’s been straight into it. But the TEO…etc. (also known as politics) is right up my alley – the readings are easy to grasp.
Dunno about social theory – the stuff reading for it is pretty freakin heavy academic-wise …. If there was a way I could drop down to 3 subjects and still be classified as full-time – then soc theory would be out the window.

Heard today that DingoBlue – the ISP is goin under. Bit of a shame – I was really pushing for us here to connect to them – they seemed to have a good offer going and I’d heard good things about their service.
As it stands, we are leaving Smelstra Bigpoo at the next anniversary date (the 22nd) and are gonna change to TPG. Their price is okay – and they are unlimited time/data (for dial up this is) but I’ve heard nothing of what they’re like. The only thing I remember reading about them is that the service was originally started by ASIO/Pine Gap — which just can’t be good. Any way – it’s a three
month contract – after that will decide whether or not to stay.

Off to see Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds in concert tomorrow night. I hope it will be good. My track record of seeing music I really like in a live setting hasn’t been fantastic. And I hope I don’t get squashed or nothing.

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