Feelin a bit beat

[post-edit] – This was written yesterday, but could not be posted due to the dr servers being stuffed

I tells ya – this is big adjustment for me. Going From a working at home enviro — to ridgey-didge full-time university. Getting up before one’s body/head is ready is truly an appalling thing — well at least it is until coffee has been consumed.

Oh Why? Why do I be such a zombie pre-coffee + shower?
Had Psychology lecture this morning. Went okay. Lectures are a new thing for me – we never had them at Tafe.
Then a ‘get to know the campus computers’ session. They’re all using Woodnose 2000pro. Pretty shocking being in that environment though – wall to wall CRTs and they’re going in all directions. I could feel the hair on the back of my neck jitter-buggin’ ….. not to mention (UG) alway the flourescent lights. Don’t think I’ll be spending much time in there if I can help it.

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