Are Surnames Dead?

This is what I’ve been thinkin’ lately. They were orignally formed by people as a way of
differentiating between people with the same first name.
“what? Gary’s wife is pregnant again!?”
“No! not that Gary, Gary – Will’s son Gary” = Wilson – etc.
I really like figuring out how surnames came about….

But today even a first, second and surname combination isn’t good enough for ‘The Man’.
Now We all have to have digits and more digits to identify who we are. so why bother with this surname sham, this illusion that we are human, that our herritage means anything at all to that stranger standing next to you at the pedestrian crossing.
These people who insist that it’s a breach of civil liberty to impose a National ID card and number on us masses are just delaying the inevitable.
In fact, why not start now – You – Yes You, take the initiative! Hop on down to your local depol office and trade in that cliched old hack of a surname for nine *Gleaming* digits of your choice!
Or if your not quite ready to go the whole hog, then how about just changing it to ‘Surname’.

In Other (More Cheery) News
Gene, my partner, has ordered herself an iMac! This is almost as good as me getting one Myself.
I will be able to look at it and correctly evaluate the worth of the OS X operating system.
It’s the
Indigo G3
variety, which of course isn’t the absolute heighteth of fashion, but it’s still good eh? In fact, some of the collumnists have been calling it, “so 1990s”. But I disagree.
It took a bit of digging round the website, but we verified that it does come with 10.1, which is fine. The funny thing is that she probably would’ve got the next model up (Graphite with CDRW) but for the fact that it was “a yuk colour”.

Many many time in the last year or two she’s said that she was going to get one, and the yakster would get excited about this, and then Gene would change her mind … so every time she’s mentioned the idea in the last couple of months, I’ve just stayed cool and said, “uh huh, good for you :^)”. But this time there’s a reciept.
It gets here in about a week.

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