Ideas in dreams + other stuff

Had a dream this morning – and generally I consider it mostly useless to retell dreams, but sometimes they can be so out-there that it’s hard not too.
This was a situation where I can really relater to Homer Simpson in that episode where he really needs money and has a little dream where he’s invented something that would be really useful, and everyone in the world would want one – but he doesn’t get to see it.
Any way – so someone was showing me this book, saying to me that I should include some bits of it in some magazine (or something) that I was producing — so I just started having a quick look through this book.
It was largish – like a picture book, glossy pages with mostly pictures — The Whole Concept reminded me of these stoopid “Blue Day Books” that are selling bigtime at the moment.
But this thing I was looking at was more like a piss-take on that concept.
The reall bummer is that I can only remember two pages of what i saw – about six. All of them looked good – at least in the drem world. It’s funny how a joke or something can come in a dream – and it will seem like the funniest thing in the whole world – in that world at least .. but be dead out here.
So – one was the line, down the bottom of the page in largeish writing, like a kids book, “Sometimes much social frigging is neccesary” and there was this picture of two teenage girls sitting, both looking at something, and looking bored – head resting in arm. (One of them might’ve been a boy, I dunno) – and maybe I’m making this bit up – but they were wearing `nice’ clothes like hand-knitted jumpers – the viewer can’t actually see what they’re looking at, but I got the feeling they were sitting with their grandma, listening. The image of the two of them looked like a photot – but the background was kinda like water colour, or oil on glass – a light orange like sunset.
the writing really struck me as sharp – what a great line!

The other one was – same kind of format, “Fairies are real but children are not” – and a picture of (stereotypical) fairy – a little girl – I think it was actually a kid dressed up as a fairy with fake wings and little wooden stick with star glued on – and she has her hand over her mouth as in Shock or Surprise – `Oh My!’ type thing.

Anyway – if i was a more enterprising individual I might brainstorm this kind of thing and try and turn it into a real book. lordy-knows it’s the only way to actually make money out of the publishing industry these days. Also – if i had some money I could go see a hypnotherapist and retrieve the other 4 pages of the book that I saw.

As for the other stuff, well, you will’ve noticed the `Recommended Reading’ list – The Unabomber manifesto – I actually can’t say I’ve read all of it – I really should d/load it and read it that way – but I have to say that he’s got a number of good points about technology in society and `the Left’.

The other – the ancient arrow project thing – reads like a techno-thriller type novel, and is really good reading – “gripping” as they say – but I s’pose it really helps if you’ve had time to take in the other stuff at the website for a while before hand – the interviews with the guy. They were printed in Nexus over a year and a half or so – that’s how I found out aboout it all.
I just wish there was a way I could get to read the rest of the book thing with out havin’ to pay for it!

iMac test-toast: the good bit

Now, if it was me who’d just got a new iMac home, I probably wouldda been pullin’ that packaging apart post-haste, leaving aside things like reading the paper, making phone calls ….. but it wasn’t me.
I’d decided the best thing to do was to let Gene do all the setting up 1. it actually belongs to her 2. I wanted to see just how idiot-proof the procedure was (perhaps that’s being a bit harsh) since I’d heard that apple have that side of it down to a fine art.

And indeed they do – the `instructions’ are less technical than the brochures that apple put in newspapers. It was a glossy fold out of 5 diagrams – no writing at all.
Turn it one, and just the few details of name, etc. and it’s set.
What impressed me:
How quiet the thing is; no fan makes a big diff, although the back of it did feel kinda warm.
iTunes – looks really nice – very simple and clear. mainly, because currently, with Linux and KDE, I’m having a real hell of a time deciding how the best way to set up my music files so they are shareable with the world and easy to pull up with XMMS — even when i just play a cd with XMMS it plays the songs in the wrong bloody order. The order is important – it’s how the artist wanted it, chronology is a part of the overall experience of an album. And I still can’t figure out how to get grip to rip in MP3 format. Also I mention the other day how GTK-Gnutella an’t so user-friendly.
iTunes has a whole bunch of preset radio stations that stream – and all kinds of genres – it’s just a click on the one you want while online and it hooks up. Compare that to Linux – the closest thing that I’ve found so far is RealPlayer, which isn’t very useful.
The machine seems to make good use of its graphics card. I’m sure that mine’s just as good as that one, but i’ve not seen anything as half impressive on Juggernaut as on that. There was one game on it which looked okay. But it was attempting to change the kernel around so that I could play TuxRacer on here that got me in catastrophy last time.
I don’t know if `impress’ is overdoing it, but I was surprised that the wordprcessor, appleworks, could save into .doc format.

What didn’t impress me:
The mouse. Crikey! Apple supposedly invented the mouse way back when – the iMacs mouse is a good example of where function was unduly sacrificed for asthetics. The IR on it really didn’t seem to work all that well either.
No apps. I suppose I’m spoilt with Linux in that way, but there really was *just* the basics there. Maybe most things can be done with them – like HTML could be prepared with the word-processor, but after mucking around with it for half an hour I came to the point of `what do I do now’ — it’s definitely not the machine for someone who uses tinkering as a good excuse for procrastination. But seriously – what about BBEdit?? I thought that at least that’d be on there – do all those things have to be bought? Seems like an aweful exxy exercise. I might be wrong; there’s some sort of `get software from apple’ over the net option in there, but haven’t checked it out yet.

Online Shopping Folly

Well, I was almost going to ball up my frustrations into a Core opinion article on the uselessness, and therefore bleak future of online shopping after our experinces in the last 5 weeks or so.
In fact I still should, because the issue was never resolved.
Gene, as mentioned in an earlier entry, finally bit the bullet by deciding to buy an iMac, and chose to order it online via the Apple Australia web site (and her Westpac-using credit-card).
After 5 attempts, apple still were refused the transaction. There was most certainly money enough in the account for the transaction. The first problem, it seemed that (unlike the majority of this debt-driven, consumerist society) Gene didn’t use her credit card all that much, and rarely for $1800-odd amounts.
So Westpac hit the skids on the process on the transaction, and rang here to confirm that it was her who had made the order. Calls came from their regular dept and their “Fraud Squad” (this makes me laugh, they give a few employees the title of `squad’ – ha ha ha!).
Gene says – `yes, it was me – it’s okay’ – and perhaps in this modern world of online credit card fraud – this process happening once may be okay.


It happened again (and each time, for some reason apple got to take out one dollar, but that was it) – and each time apple couldn’t do it – their Sydney office would ring here and say `err, there seems to be something wrong, are you sure you’re not overdrawn?’ – but no – and then a call would have to be made from here (during business hours ie. the expensive ones, back to sydney to say `okay give it another go now’) – and all this racked up some considerable phone cost.
This happened FIVE times. Gene was about to give up and say -well bugger it – i just won’t get one … which of course left yak feelin’ rather disappointed.
It seemed that the cause of the problems was that the process of apple withdrawing the money didn’t physically happen in Australia – it happens in the UK, which in itself is kinda odd, but because of this – when amounts over a certain limit are requested form overseas locations, that’s when little alarm bells go off in the west-spac “fraud squad” office.
Five times …. fuckin retards.

Anyway – if this is happening to even a small percentage of customers – and it is – infact A Lot of customers – then shopping online in the global market doesn’t really stand a chance.

So yesterday, she rang the geelong apple store, and lo and behold! – ofr once they actually had a computer in stock, as opposed to say, the last three years of iMacs being on the market, when the response would’ve been, `we can order one from melbourne, it’ll be here in a week’, which goes against the woman’s “I want it now” nature – hey can ya blame her?. She explained the whole situation, thus demonstrating her fiscal ability to procure such device, and of course they were only too happy to help…

SS Juggernaut

I could’ve been really daggy and started this off with, ‘Captain’s log….“.
What’ve i found interesting on the machine lately?
Well, am quite happy with Kate (my guess is KDE Advanced text editor) slightly different from the advanced editor – this has a side bar — whereas sidebars usully just annoy me – this one seems fairly useful.
On the ”Top 5 Most used” apps: (this doesn’t take into account the apps that are on the panel – which get used more)
Maelstrom; the little asteroid game which i find quite hard to resist, especially when I’ve sat down to do homework.
GQView ….. (koff)
Mozilla – I use Opera for all the fun web hopping, but use Moz for school, hooking into the uni website etc.
Gftp – I know Konqueror can be used as an ftp client, but i just haven’t got around too figuring it out. (What’s really weird is that the version of gftp that comes with the clean install seems better/more fobust than the version I was using before I had to wipe it all last time – presumably this would’ve been a newer version that I got from the RH Update)
Quanta+ – which I’m still not happy with … version 2 – still a bit shakey.

I was using Sylpheed as my email client up until the other day – when I blamed it for not getting my mail from the uni account – which i really needed. It wasn’t too bad, but I s’pose not really that much of a step up from Kmail.
Am using the Mozilla mail client at the momo – seems okay – will give it alittle longer before i pass judgey.
(Would really like to have Evolution – but of course that would mean the whole re-curring nightmare named Ximian.)

Had to pull out one of the word processing progs last night to start an essay. Went for star office (5.2) and it’s okay – but for the fact that it’s not employing TTFs or anti-aliasing, so it’s all jagged n’ pointy. It’s defaulting to US spelling, but I’m sure that can be rectified.
I might try abi-word tonight. (Couldn’t find the S.O. word count function either, so had to open Abi to find out where I was up to)
Everything’s so far being printed out here – so it doesn’t matter if they’re not in .doc format.

Speaking of printing – this is the real happy story for the day — I requistioned my printer back off gene the other day, since she’s -presumably- getting an iMac soon… (that’s another story … man) and thought it’d be a rigourous procedure of getting the Cannon 210sp working on here, if it’d work at all But it was just plug in, + use GUI printer configuration = and i was printing from star office a minute later. Sveet!

This website’s another another story – but have a week’s “break” next week so may get a chance to fix some shit up.

coneheads and kamakazes

this morning’s psychology lecture started to get weird and interesting when the guy startted talking about how some sperms are only there the do search and destroy missions of foriegn sperms I hadn’t heard about that one before. And the only reason why they would’ve evolved that way is because (biologically speaking) it’s in the interests of the species (we’re talking about people here, people!) that the woman sleep around/shop around for the hardiest sperm — having sex with two different partners in the one week.
And of course, one of those partners is going to be the relied upon caregiver, and the other: the interloper or adulterer, if you will.

So, Watchout fellas – she might not want to screw you over, but it’s in her genes.
Where it all started to get a bit rich for me was when he says that there might be a specific adulterer gene that’s responsible for this — or at least makes people more receptive to the idea.

To explain the heading – he called the swimmers coneheads. And also, apart from the ‘seek n’ destroy’ variety, there are also other ones that just get in the way and slow foreigners down. Reminds me of a football team.
Today’s the type of day where a meditate would’ve really done me good.
Last night was really warm – very hard to get to sleep. Makin typos all over the joint here.
Sure am gonna sleep well tonight.

a real surf’s up kinda weekend

One of the warmest weekends there’s been this season, regardless of the fact that it’s technically autumn. “Indian summer”.

Was torn between the fact that we had gusets over, and that I had homework to do.
A mate of mine who I’ve known for a long time, who’s a cusper (on taurus and gemini) – who is nice but sometimes he grates on my nerves. Another mutual friend of ours once described him as being like george costanza, and this is a pretty apt description.
Anyway – I hadn’t seen him for a while, so it was good to catch up.

And, despite him knowing little about computers, he’d (in the last couple of months) met a woman over the net – chat rooms – and she was out here, and with him – on holiday.

when I initially heard about this I was rather sceptical, but not surprised. Infact several times I’d thought of suggesting to my taurus-buddy to get a computer and get on aol… due to the fact that he’s always whinging when he doesn’t have a girlfriend. But at the same time he’s got some rather unhealthy co-dependency issues – ie. relationships don’t tend to go well for him because of this — and then when they end, he falls in a heap.

But there is a lot of receptive people out there on the chat networks.

And despite the fact that he doesn’t even own a computer, he rapidly hooked up with this woman from Fargo, Nth. Dakota.
Being a realist(pessimist) – I expected there to be something drastically wrong with this woman – to have come out here after having only known our taurus-buddy for a couple of months + electronically.
However I was pleasantly surprised – she seemed quite nice. And I wonders how long it will be before she finds taurus-buddy more suffocating than Fargo winters…..

What a wonderful friend I am……


Pretty neat to be on an ISP that has unlimited download — have been hooking onto the GTK-Gnutella scene and schnaffling me some mp3s already. Forgot how slow it could get though.

Don’t worry bout it yak, you seem honest enough 🙂
I suffer from pessimism as well, but my girlfriend balances me out, thankfully; or i’d be a jaded phony all my life.

phony – 25.03.02, 21:11

Don’t worry bout it yak, you seem honest enough 🙂
I suffer from pessimism as well, but my girlfriend balances me out, thankfully; or i’d be a jaded phony all my life.

phony – 25.03.02, 21:12

haha – thanks phony. I know what ya mean – when folks ask me about my girlfriend i say yeah she’s great she’s everything that i’m not eg. extroverted etc.

yak – 26.03.02, 22:12


That was a close one.
You might’ve seen more evidence of stuffing around with web counters here.
For some reason cgi seems to screw the whole thing up – i can’t login to write new entries.
Anyway – I got rid of the offending cgi and perhaps it has to go midnight again on the DR servers before it cleans up entirely – but what ever the case – it’s workin again now.
I did have a look around again for what’s happening in the news/portal site script scene.
Anyway – pivot is still working so I’m happy.
We ran out of milk this morning — it’s a pretty damn long walk to the shops — well ‘run out’ isn’t completely accruate – there wasn’t enough to go over all of my musili – so I (shudder) had to have a little milk and some water.
Which actually worked out pretty okay becasue laely I’ve been feeling like regular milk is a little too thick to stomach, especially at twenty-five past seven in the morn. also I generally have to eat it quickly, — and reduced-fat milk costs annother buck more than normal milk — wo whaalla – crisitunity etc. — normal milk + water =thin milk. sweet.