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Part of the reason why I haven’t written on here in so long is because I have some really big news and didn’t know how to put it here amongst all the fiddle-fuddle. The jong and I are pregnant. By the start of August there should be three of us here. It’s a pretty big move. I’m still not sure how I will go handling it. But I have got more in the swing of it since first finding out in Nov/Dec. I’m sure that we will have a great time doing normal and nerdy things. And now there is someone to pass on my 1974 tele deluxe to when I eventually die.

yak sox @ 12:14 am, May 14, 2016

it’s great that Garry Shandling is still alive

You know I wasn’t a huge fan of Shandling ( I did like his few-episode bit on X Files) but it thought it worth mentioning the episode of comedians in cars getting coffee that must’ve only been d0ne a couple of months ago, http://comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com/garry-shandling-its-great-that-garry-shandling-is-still-alive because it’s really speaking from the other side.

yak sox @ 12:11 am, March 25, 2016

my friend the witch doctor

Unfortunately the link aggregator site delicious.com might be starting to tank. I have used it for several years as a convenient way to collect/ bookmark interesting things that pop up on the net and then post the feed here on the side bar. All was well until a month ago when they said they needed to insert an ad into the feed to help pay the upkeep. This is the downside of third party bits on the website. I have put it further down the sidebar because I am not interested in a three week diet.


Here is an interesting article on how bass frequencies are an important part of music. I was reminded of this last week at Pakofest. The Chinese contingent came past with a guy fast-hammering a traditional sort of bass drum. Even 30 to 40 feet away I could still feel it resonating in my chest and triggering adrenaline.

While I fiddle-fuddle around with six string electric guitars, I am really not good at playing it. I <3 bass guitar.

— yak sox @ 12:26 am, March 5, 2016

my how technology is a grand

I got a Chromecast the other day. It’s a little thing that I plug into the back of the telly so that I can send videos from the phone or tablet to be viewed on the big screen. Both phone and tablet screens are just too small to be comfortable to watch anything on. The laptop is just bearable but this new thing works good. Now at dinner time, instead of reruns of M.A.S.H. I can watch a 10hour train journey through Norway from the front of a loco.



Karen community

Last Saturday was Pakofest. Here is a foto of my bruddas and sistas of the Karen community in Geelong. The parade was okay except there was a couple of big gaps in it and because I was not near a loud speaker I thought it was over so strolled off after only two-thirds had gone by. I did manage to bump into some of the last parts again but I don’t know what was going on with the float co-ordination.

Also whatever sliver of tolerance I had for being stuck in crowded throngs is presently gone.

, , , , — yak sox @ 7:42 am, February 28, 2016

a few weeks ago


We headed out for a couple of days – it’s always nice to go further west past the Cressy turn-off. It’s hard to not stop at Mortlake for a pie. (above: Mortlake)

I would’ve mentioned the travels earlier but there was not that much special to say. Stayed at Dunkeld one night. A partially successful attempt at seeing a mob of kangaroos at the Dunkeld Consolidated school’s oval. Drove through the Grampians. Stopped at Lake Bellfield.


Stopped at Hall’s Gap, which I found to be surprisingly touristy. Stayed a night in Stawell. There’s a couple of nice old buildings there but otherwise seems fairly unremarkable.

— yak sox @ 12:50 am, February 21, 2016

r u cirrus

I remember in grade five at primary school for a while the teacher had us doing a project where we’d go outside for a minute each day at three o’clock and record the names of what clouds we could see. So I did know the names of different kinds of clouds at one stage but I suppose I forgot them.

, , — yak sox @ 9:18 pm, February 17, 2016

It came from the sky

Yes, so we here in Geelong got a bit of rain yesterday. Thankfully nothing really disastrous at home but it was another reminder of how houses in most of victoria are built fairly lackadaisically due to the relatively mild temperatures year-round.

The backyard flooded a bit but it soon soaked in.


And the Charu started freaking out when hail was hitting the back door and window. I opened to the door to show her it was just rain, but plenty of it. I expected she’d understand and back up inside but instead she ran out and disappeared for a while. When she came back she looked like a drowned water rat.


, — yak sox @ 2:21 am, January 28, 2016

It’s not Philly


Last week I finished my first term of proper teaching and getting paid for it. Not paid much mind you but it was all pretty stress-free and relatively enjoyable. Back in Korea most of the time I had to cajole the students into being interested in learning the Englishes. But if you live here and don’t know the language you know it as soon as you get to the bus stop.

My class was about half Aghan, half Karen-burmese and two Tibetan guys.


In other news, Big Bash League cricket: making cricket watchable again.

, — yak sox @ 10:53 am, December 23, 2015

Chocolate Santa

Considering I’ve been paying to have this blog hosted on the internet this last 12 months I really should be making better use of it. At this rate it’d be working out to 3 or 4 dollars per post—not good mileage at all.

Dick Laurent is dead

And by that I mean rest in peace Robert Loggia. I know he was typecast as a mobster baddie but he did it pretty well. My favourite part of Lynch’s Lost Highway :

It’s strange to think that next year both Twin Peaks and The X Files will be returning to TV.

yak sox @ 3:20 am, December 7, 2015

a crash in tejes

Well it’s only been a month since my last post. Not bad considering how busy I have been getting through the end of study while working at the same time. My procrastination is pathological in proportions! And I spend time thinking about it and at this point I think it has to do with how I don’t seem to feel any sense of satisfaction when I finish something big. Normal people I imagine would pat themselves on the back or celebrate in some small way but I tend to just feel flat and a bit tired.

I do really enjoy the feeling of having the whole day open—nothing to do—and then squandering it doing absolute bullshit. I think I enjoy knowing there’s a bunch of things I still need/want to do, and could potentially get around to doing them tomorrow.

I don’t remember this tree flowering as much as this, this time last year.


I do like mornings this time of year when the weather’s on the upramp and there’s a bit of humidity in the air. I really should spend more time in the backyard.


— yak sox @ 10:50 pm, November 4, 2015
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