why did I ever hitch my wagon to flickr?

And so I find myself in a bit of a bind in that I now realise that Flickr is going mealy-mouthed next Jan. It’d always been a slow slide downhill when Yahoo had it. Nearly every change they made was bad. I always hoped google would buy it off them because it seemed like it’d be more viable.

The new owners of Flickr are not going to stick by the 1Tb free thing Yahoo had going. If a person, ie. me, wants to keep a free account it’s limited to 1000 photos. I have 17000 photos on there! They will start deleting photos in Jan. For all the private happy snaps of inconsequential moments, I can download them. But the real problem is that for years I have been posting fotos on this here Sunny Breaks with the image being drawn from Flickr. There must be hundreds and hundreds and they’re all going to go dead.

You could argue that it shouldn’t mean much to me given that I blog less than 12 times a year these days but it still matters. Keeping a blog running long term takes work.

time slip

Whoops! There goes a couple more months! 

This is how life is with a 2.25 year old I suppose.

It’s amazing the advances they’re making with light bulbs these days. I really liked the warm white squiggly flouro bulbs because they use so much less juice. But then they made bulbs that don’t even have to be squiggly no more, plus they shine up straight away. Also there’s these old-timey industrial looking ones that are also low voltage and very nice warm gold yellow look. Not great for reading but that’s okay. And now I just bought a couple of LED bulbs that simulate fire. Five watts, flickery. Amazing.

I think my son is planning to kill me and make love to my wife.

semi nomad

A month ago I made the 25th change of abode in this 44 years of being alive. It’s too many! I am thoroughly sick of it. I sometimes wonder if the regular moving around I did while childhood had a lasting effect that I continued without thinking about. Granted, the situations/circumstances are different. I’ve been a renter too long.

This move was notable in that I was very conscious (after the fact, sadly—lease signed, no way to back out) that we’d gone from a relatively nice place to a place that’s significantly worse.

I don’t want to dwell on the negative tonight so – looking back: the old house.

big north-facing windows

Making use of the sun for warming a house seems like common sense but so few older houses do it. Getting lower winter sun was fantastic. 

It was maybe a 1960s house that someone had put some money and intelligence into renovating in recent years. Rented for a year or so before we got to it then us there for a year, now the owner (a developer) is going to demolish it to build two shitty units on the block. This makes no sense. 



These are my superballs. I say I bought them for the boy but I play with them much more than him. I like the dull coloured one with an eye painted on it. It’s the magic eyeball. It glows in the dark and of the four it has the best balance between hard and soft. The finish is kind of rough or matte.

At the soft end is the red one. It’s slightly larger than the eyeball. Unfortunately both red and eyeball have sustained bitemarks from the boy. In the red ball’s case I feel like the nicks in it effect its bouncing. The red ball is the bounciest and if I put a bit of spin on it, red is the spinniest.

The yellow and the black & pink have a glossy finish which makes them harder and less bouncy. This can be a good thing at times but generally I prefer the more bouncy superballs.

good grief

Have I really not posted since christmas? Surely there was a data leak and I lost a couple of posts.

Anyway, I have been meaning to say that it’d be good if someone made a website where you could review things you’ve bought—six months after you’d bought them because by then you really know what it’s like. Most things you buy online you can leave a review on the business’ website but only two weeks after.

Also the whole thing of smart phones actually making life easier is going backwards. Now the companies focus on rubbish like making a better selfie or tuning your head into an emoji. How about (since you’re already tracking my every movement, Google, et al) letting me know there’s a massive traffic jam on my usual route to work before I start out on my predictable Tuesday morning journey.


Well I just missed posting before christmas but here I really like this youtoob channel of christmas albums:

My nanny (maternal grandmother) had this one on LP and I eventually inherited it. Look at that photo of Barbara Streisand.

And here is a mini-review of “youtube red”. It’s a subscription service that youtube offers, its only benefit being that when you phone’s screen darkens, the youtube stream keeps playking, so if you’re listening to an album in the car, for example, it keeps going. Youtube must  be tripping if they think anyone would pay 15 dollars a month for this. I used a three month free trial. Nearly all music uploaded to youtube is done without the artist’s permission, so they get nothing.  The only time when I think it’s okay is like the example above – an old album that probably isn’t even on official streaming services like apple music, let alone available to buy outright.



Got out to Red Rock Christmas eve morning. I really like that part of the world. I feel the ancientness.

Here’s why Doug DeMuro should have his own TV show


Because he has the same boyish, wide-eyed enthusiasm for car journalism that the 3 ex-Top Gear presenters used to have… back when the were good (circa early 2000s). Also it’d help if Doug had someone to hold the camera for him, and to suggest different ordering of shots.

And that’s where I was going to end it when I first thought about writing this post 3 months ago. But then again, maybe he’s doing fine on Youtube with no one to tell him what to do, and making plenty of dosh from internet ads.

about a new tv and some things on tv

I got a new TV. It’s an LG 4K dealy. It’s taking a while to get used to how it makes things look different. I’ve had this situation before, where the tech has got ahead of the performances transmitted through the tech. For eg. a couple of years ago I decided to watch the start episode of NCIS New Orleans. It had a couple of actors in it that I liked plus it’s an interesting city. For about the first 8 episodes of season one it was amusing how predictable the plots were. I could guess who the villain was. But then episodes got better and the plot arcs got longer. It’s the only show I can compare how it looked on the old tv and now on the new. It looks strange now. I can see how they’re just a bunch of actors standing on a set. The details are too clear.

We just finished watching the second season of The Man In The High Castle. One of the rare shows that has a complex storyline. As a sign of how life is changing, independently of eachother Je and I both admitted that we now identified with the Nazi parents, obergruppenfuhrer Smith and his wife (as opposed to identifying with younger people or whatever).

Lastly, it seems that everyone in the whole world except me politely ignored this little travesty from last Saturday’s AFL Grand Final, Dustin Martin giving a nazi salute. I don’t know if it was meant as a joke but it’s in poor taste.


the traveller


I found this picture on a clothes shopping website. I like it because it reminded me of viggo mortensen in the movie The Road. The beard and the jawline I guess. And the hood. This guy looks like he’s hiding from rabid cannibals—that’s why he’s crouched down and I suppose he’s on that clay tennis court because he’s scrounging for food…? Or tennis balls.


And then, two times now Aldi has sent me this image in their email newsletter catalogue. WHAT THE FUCK? pixelated genitalia on a ‘gummi bear’? The naked form of a candied bear is a beautiful thing, Aldi, not something to be looking askance to.

Man being a parent is hard work. Sleep deprivation has taken on a meaning deeper by magnitudes. I can remember back working in Korea and at times I would wake up and the first thing I would think is Oh I’m tired and as soon as I’ve finished my shift I’m coming straight back to bed. Now, I don’t know if it’s because I know that such luxury is not an option, or if it’s something else but I just zombie on through the day with a lot less sleep, but probably more caffeine.


And he just wants to go. I sit him on the front porch and he’s down and off towards the footpath as soon as he can get there. I don’t understand it – where does he think he’s going?